Larkwood Fishery

November 20, 2015

Visit to Larkwood Fishery…


Called to see Larkwood Fishery in Suffolk after a gap of 23 years (where did that time go) and renew friendship with Ian McGregor. What a busy man he is and the fishery is as lovely as I remember. Needless to say it rained again as seems my thing on feature days this year but a lovely fish of 5-10 helped the pics and with really friendly regulars the day was a success again.

Interesting as always with catch and release waters that when a shoal is well hammered they become real picky but late in the day we caught some of them on small klinks and little nymphs just subsurface.

Afterwards it was off to Invicta Fly Fishers near Cambridge to do a talk etc. Great bunch of guys and excellent feed back in the discussion time. Then the long drive back and late at night the M25 was relatively quiet.

Now it’s findĀ a quiet evening and get the story and tactics written up.

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